Hugh Hefner Dropped Casket Of Sex Tapes Into Ocean Before Passing

Hugh Hefner Dropped Casket Of Sex Tapes Into Ocean Before Passing

HOLMBY HILLS, CA - MAY 6: (L to R) Playboy bunny Sheila Levell, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and Playboy bunny Holly Madison perform a scene during the filming of a commercial for "X Games IX" at the Playboy Mansion May 6, 2003 in Holmby Hills, California. This year's X Games will take place at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles from August 14th through 18th. (Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images)

Photo Credits: Robert Mora/Getty Images

HOLD UP, HOLD UP. Get into this!

We all know that the Playboy founder and legend passed away last year but before he did he made sure that no one would be able to peek into his little black book.

Of course he was known for always being surrounded by beautiful woman and that will always be apart of his legacy. But, Hef may not have wanted the world to know the dirty details of all his conquests. Apparently, he had tapes of some of his escapades and was afraid that they may be leaked. So before he passed, he reportedly headed out to open sea and dumped all his private tapes.

Originally reported by Page Six, an inside source says, the mogul gathered his collection of tapes, private photos, and handwritten notes from celebs and put them into—a special casket. Yes, you read that right! The casket itself was lined with cement so that it was sure to sink. The source also said “Hugh was terrified of the world finding out everything about his past. He had kept a treasure chest of memories of his life with all these beautiful women dating back from the 1950s to the mid-1990s.” The tapes are said to have footage of the Playboy founder engaging in multiple orgies and that Marilyn Monroe may be somewhere on them. Well now we’ll never know! But we gotta give it to him, at least he didn’t kiss and tell…

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