Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is A Real Thing!?

Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is A Real Thing!?

Photo credit: Todd Williamson

Sour Patch Kids cereal, gross or nah?

While many love the candy, and have even enjoyed it in candy corn and ice cream version, talks about America’s favorite sour gummies turned cereal has fans wondering how it will taste!

Rumors of this cereal have been going around for several weeks, however, yesterday, a Post representative confirmed that the cereal will release!

This cereal will be available across the entire country on Dec. 26th, 2018. A cereal box will be sold for $3.98.

While many may be disgusted to have sour cereal in the morning, “Post” says that the product is actually “sour, then sweet!”

What cereal-lovers can expect from this interesting new concoction is a fruity collection of flavors including: lime, lemon, orange, red, berries and blue raspberries.

The cereal pieces will be shaped like the original candy, however, it is still questionable how the sour powder will taste once it is drenched in milk.

You can imagine how cereal lovers have reacted online.

Here are a few tweets:


Are you down to try this cereal?

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