Here’s A QUICK Breakdown Of The Iggy & Bhad Bhabie Drama

Here’s A QUICK Breakdown Of The Iggy & Bhad Bhabie Drama

Photo Credits: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

OK—this beef is as messy as it is confusing. We’re gonna give you a QUICK rundown of the tea that came to a head last night at Cardi B.’s Fashion Nova launch.

It seems like Danielle may not have come too far from her Dr. Phil days. She can be seen in a video throwing a full drink in Iggy’s direction but the “Kream” singer seems pretty unbothered by the whole thing. It all went down last night inside Boulevard3 in Hollywood. The two seem to be jujst passing by each other, both with their entourages in tow, and all of a sudden Danielle throws a drink at Iggy and begins yelling various insults. Take a look at the cellphone video sent to TMZ:

Now let’s all pause for two seconds and remember…this is a 15-year-old and a 28-year-old—no comment. Here’s what we can gather from the whole thing:

1) Iggy was trash talking her on IG, saying who would even go to one of Bhad Bhabie’s shows

2) THEN Danielle fired back, saying that Iggy should attend one HER shows so she can see what a sold-out show looks like *WELL DANG SIS*

3) The saga continued last night at the Fashion Nova event when Bhabie was feeling BOLD bold and decided to throw drinks

4) And LASTLY, Iggy clearly seemed unbothered in the video footage and later took to her IG story and Twitter to basically say: she GROWN grown and ain’t beefin with the Bhabie (see what we did there)

TMZ caught both the ladies shortly after the “altercation” (can you even call it that???) and if anything its pretty laughable we guess? See for yourself:

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