MTV Spring Break Is Coming Back In 2019

MTV Spring Break Is Coming Back In 2019

Ludacris and Carson Daly on stage during MTV Spring Break 2002 at the Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. 3/13/02 Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDirect

Photo Credit: Scott Gries/ImageDirect

Thats right! Rachets across the country rejoice today! Twerking, wet t-shirt contests and drunk limbo are coming back, hopefully to a screen near you—in 2019!

Unless you’ve been MIA you know MTV’s been desperately diving into the #TBT vault to try and bring back some classic 2000’s series that us Millenials LIVED for back in the day. Some of the reboots include, Jersey Shore, TRL, The Real World, The Hills, and even Cribs. Now some of them have lasted and some of them were as short lived as Chris Brown’s cameo in Stomp The Yard hunty, here one second and gone the next—YES TRL we’re looking at you.

The annual special was a favorite on MTV until 2005, and it was then moved to MTVU until it was taken off the air 2014 (who decided this???). Everyone who was anyone in those days graced the beach and the small screen. We’re talking everyone from Lil Wayne, P!ink, Eminem, Fat Joe and Ashanti, Biggie in ’95, Spice Girls in ’97, Destiny’s Child, Sisquo and even Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini the winners of American Idol season 1 (ya’ll remember that movie musical they made?).

So anyway the real tea is, the re-up is now set to take place spring 2019! The exact dates are March 19th to 21st at the Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancún, Mexico *immediatley looks up flights and emails boss to tell him our 2nd cousin is getting married*. We are HOPING and PRAYING that the re-up will be just as good or even better as the first! We need the best hosts, the best performers alla dat! Until then, we’ll be watching these throwback vids, thank us later!

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