Jeremy Piven On Stand Up Comedy, His Time On ‘Entourage’ + Favorite Acting Role & MORE

Jeremy Piven On Stand Up Comedy, His Time On ‘Entourage’ + Favorite Acting Role & MORE

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Jeremy Piven stopped by the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios and the Cruz Show to discuss what it has been like to enter the realm of stand up comedy, his time on the hit HBO television show Entourage and talks about what acting role has been his favorite.

As the veteran actor has had several roles in countless films and t.v. episodes, Piven has decided to take his career on a different path, entering the world of comedy, the seasoned entertainer explains that his entrance into the new space has had some challenges but ultimately his goal is to “do his work.”

Im not here to disappoint anyone. As Connor McGregor said, “I’m not here to take part, you know, I’m here to take over.” And, no, I’m not going to take over. I have respect for everyone in the game, but it’s my job to make them laugh from beginning to end. I have to do that.

Going back to speak on some of his memorable and standout roles that Piven has taken on, Jeremy reflects on his appearance in the Rush Hour franchise and what it was like working with actors Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Shouting out Chan for his past work and his legendary status in film and breaking barriers, Piven says, “He’s a classically trained thespian. Who’s a superstar; He’s basically Elvis in Hong Kong. Extremely funny.” Jeremey continues, “I mean, talk about the new way to age, I don’t even know how old that guy is. In his sixties right? And, he’s still doing his own stunts. He’s a genius.”

Piven also goes on to tell the morning crew about the pressures of entertaining as a comic and the current climate of political and cultural hardships.

We’re also living in times where we need to laugh and we need a place where we can all speak our truth. We’re trying to entertain people up there and give our perspective, and if we’re somehow taken down, and punished, and held accountable for entertaining, then we’re not living in a free society. To answer your question, I hope it is. I really hope it is. I hope that we can have more of a dialogue, because I think that right now we have people living in extremes, whether it’s the left or right. And the only thing that I don’t want to see happen is people not being available to not let in other people’s opinion.

Peep the full Jeremy Piven x Cruz Show interview below:

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