Becky G On “Booty” Visual, Working W/ C. Tangana & Women Empowerment

Becky G On “Booty” Visual, Working W/ C. Tangana & Women Empowerment

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Becky G checks in with The Cruz Show at the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios to talk about her new music video “Booty” featuring C. Tangana.

The Latin AMA Female Artist of the Year New came through to the morning show with her “Booty” collab artist C. Tangana to talk the recent release of her Spanish-inspired visual where she revealed how the duo came together to create the record, which now has more than 21 million views on YouTube.

I feel like it was something that was so natural. My favorite thing about being an artist is collaboration and with all artists of all different kinds, you know what I mean. Not just musically speaking, but directors, and writers, and producers, and with my homie over here, we met in Spain and we got in the studio. I had been a fan of his for quite some time…And so, that’s when we hung out, we got in the studio, he was playing me a bunch of tracks from his project and everything that he’s been working on.

While the Inglewood-bred artist confesses that her close-knit familial ties does impact opinions when it comes to the rapper being more risqué in her music, Becky also reveals that the more daring aesthetic and confidence she displays within herself and her music is something that all women should aspire to have, instead of pitting women against one another for self-image issues.

My favorite thing about it, is that, it’s so funny, especially like in this whole female empowerment, girl-power movement that is happening right, where we say we need to love each other and build each other up, and respect one another, it’s so amazing to me how we still have it in us to admire each other with hate. So, you can be like, “Oh my God, her body is amazing, I hate her! Like, I hate her because her body is so amazing.” It’s like we need to switch that mentality because the truth is, is that, my body, my choice. When I choose to show that side of me it’s because I feel confident to do so, because I decided to do it…

The now Reggaton rapper goes on to talk about breaking major barriers when it comes to stepping outside of industry norms, speaks on Drake’s take on the Spanish culture with his recent Bad Bunny collab, and also talks about what he enjoys most about creating music.

Watch the full Becky G x The Cruz Show interview below:

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