The Cruz Show Responds to The Washington Post Article Bashing Post Malone

The Cruz Show Responds to The Washington Post Article Bashing Post Malone

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 09: Post Malone attends the 2018 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on October 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images For dcp)

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On Oct. 30th The Washington Post released an article that completely bashed Post Malone and essentially, his entire career.

Jeff Weiss, a journalist for The Washington Post, blatantly disagrees with Post Malone’s so-called hip-hop success stating in his article that the “Better Now” rockstar is a “…Halloween rental, a removable platinum grill, a Cubic Zirconium proposal on the jumbo screen of a last-place team.”

Weiss proceeds with critiquing Malone’s talent, look, and even states that, “If Post Malone were black, he wouldn’t have sold half; he simply wouldn’t exist.”

After hearing the buzz about the distasteful article, The Cruz Show decided to chime-in and express their own feelings about the written piece and their admiration of Post Malone.

“Now listen…does he look like Chris Rock on stage? Yeah, I get it, but my man has worked for that, and he doesn’t have to look like a rapper to be a hip-hop artist,” states J Cruz.

From his look to his music, Post Malone exudes originality, however, Weiss disagrees.

“From the artists in the Screwed Up Click to UGK to Swishahouse, anthems consecrated to candy-painted cars are a fundamental component of Texas hip-hop. It’s a tradition that’s cut across racial lines to include Houston rappers such as Paul Wall and Riff Raff, who carved out singularly flamboyant lanes. They were originals. Post Malone is not.”

Weiss goes on to comment on the monotony of Malone’s set-lists insinuating that they lack variety.

Cece from The Cruz Show claps back stating, “Listen guy, I’ve been to a lot of concerts, I’ve been in radio for a long-ass time, A LOT of their set-lists are the same, you know what I mean?”

One can argue that the 23-year-old artist does not particularly make music that is tasteful across the boards however, he is creating songs that his specific demographic enjoys and is undoubtedly topping the charts. With 5 Top 10 Hits, 2 of which are No.1 Hits, and a recent shoe-deal with Crocs, this multi-platinum artist has learned to master the art of hip-hop, whilst still remaining true to his Texan upbringing.

“…Let the guy be successful. I hate that mentality that you have to tear down people’s success, and if you read this article, this dude is just straight out bullying and mean to this guy,” says Jeff G. “The Sports Dude.”

While Malone does receive backlash consistently for his culturally appropriating hairstyles, and his “drunken” performances (that some may argue show his lack-of professionalism and respect for his craft), Post Malone’s thriving success speaks for itself. From his look, to his music, Post Malone’s exudes originality.

“I feel like Jeff Weiss only came for Post Malone because he’s white,” states Lechero.

Would this article have been written if the “Congratulations” artist was of a different ethnicity?

Amidst the Hollywood fame, Malone has yet to shy-away from his natural form: a “rockstar” cowboy who loves to make good music, smoke cigarettes, and drink Budlight. With an unsuccessful archive of YouTube video fails in his early career, Post Malone has shown his perseverance in music and character, and is most definitely thriving thanks to his determination.

“You know, some people may be mad at Post Malone because he is not negative. He’s a positive guy and listen at the end of the day, I’m just happy I can understand what he’s saying!” – J Cruz.

This morning, The Cruz Show gave their opinion(s) on Jeff Weiss’ Post Malone article, and they opened up the phone lines to ask the public how they felt. Click below to take a listen!

Do you think Post Malone is a good example of what hip-hop stands for today, or would you side with Jeff Weiss?

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