Anderson .Paak On Creating ‘Oxnard’ w/ Dr. Dre, Mac Miller’s Passing, Justin’s 6ix9ine Beef & More

Anderson .Paak On Creating ‘Oxnard’ w/ Dr. Dre, Mac Miller’s Passing, Justin’s 6ix9ine Beef & More

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Anderson .Paak checked in with the L.A. Leakers at the Power 106 studios to talk about creating the ‘Oxnard’ album with Dr. Dre and gives insight on why he wasn’t doing many outside features during the process.

Coming through repping his Oxnard hometown, which serves as the title for the rapper’s forthcoming album, .Paak discusses what it was like growing up in the beach town and how not being from the center of Los Angeles had given him a different perspective and drive in the industry. As the “Tints” rhymer talks inspiration behind his Oxnard LP, and recruiting the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and more for the project, Anderson shares with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk how the Pusha T feature came about.

Everybody that I wanted to be on the album, they came through. It was no “Hollywood, label stuff.” If they didn’t show up to the studio, they sent it right in and they was like, ‘I got you.’ Pusha T was the first feature that I got for the album, like over two years ago when I started working on the album. I had “Brother’s Keeper” and I was like, “ooh, this sound filthy! This sound like, “EEW!” And I was like, I wonder if he’ll get on it. I’ve never even met him, you know.

Since dropping his sophomore album Malibu back in 2016, .Paak nods his growth to more bars for the third studio album.

I’m spitting more on this album. It’s a lot of “cohones.” A lot of people are putting out like, real like cloudy stuff, chill stuff, there’s a couple of chill joints but everything got drums! Everything’s slapping! The mixes are crazy. It’s no real sleepy music type-like, music to talk over or nothing like that. It’s like music to turn up to dance, when you’re on your way to Vegas, you know, jamming and stuff. I got something for like every vibe…Got the hard “Brother’s Keeper” trap joint, the two-step joint. Got the, you know, ratchet joint…Everything I wanted to do. Creative bliss.

The prouder and instrumentalist was also a friend of the late Mac Miller, which .Paak attended the Celebration Of Life benefit concert, in remembrance of Miller where Anderson speaks on the experience saying,”It was sweet man. I was having a great time man just seeing everybody that I hadn’t seen, you know, in so long. It was just like, damn, thanks Mac, you know, you brought us all together again.”

Anderson .Paak Goes on to talk the collab process working with both Dr. Dre and Q-Tip and gets close to revealing whose catalog he’d listen to on a deserted island, and even lists his influences growing up.

Watch the full interview below:

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