Tory Lanez On ‘Love Me Now?’ Album, New Project W/Chris Brown + Drake’s Bday Party

Tory Lanez On ‘Love Me Now?’ Album, New Project W/Chris Brown + Drake’s Bday Party

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As ‘Love Me Now?’ currently heats up our playlists, with feature packed guest appearances, and celebrating the culture of Miami influence, Canadian artist Tory Lanez came back through the Power 106 studios to talk everything about his third studio album and more.

Lanez dropped his second project of 2018, which highlights the rapper’s ability to always deliver. Speaking on his work ethic and what drives his success, Tory revealed that he has much more to come.

I’m addicted to success man. Im not scared to fail. I actually like failing sometimes because it’s the best way to learn. You know you can’t really learn unless you’ve felt every single feeling of a failure. ‘Cause then it’s like damn, I don’t want to feel like this way again, so, I would do this right…so it ensures that I don’t feel this way again.

While Lanez continues to tap into genres outside of his hip-hop and R&B core, like delivering Spanish records with Ozuna, the “FlEXiBle” singer says that fans should expect new tracks featuring Chris Brown to drop soon, along with an entire Spanish album. Lanez says, “Me and him [Chris Brown] actually really got like nine to ten songs, but on the project we got two.” Tory continues, “Spanish album on the way. The things about it is, people got to understand is that I work a lot…When it comes to projects, I like to work ahead of time. So, like, if something is supposed to come out four months from now, I’m finishing it now, instead of three months later or like months before it’s supposed to come out. I’m finishing it now. So, like the projects that I’m working on now, I’m literally wrapping up…”

After squashing his beef with his Canadian peer, Drake, Tory also hit up Drizzy’s 32nd birthday party this past week, which Tory described as the ultimate early 2000’s throwback party.

I really walked in there and it really felt like 2005. It’s crazy! N***as had beepers, pagers, Sidekicks on their waist with the belt buckle. And you got to remember, I’m walking in and I’m hearing like T-Pain. I’m walking through the party, and it’s like girls is to the left going crazy. This really feels like, “Yo, I’m a rapper in 2005! I always wanted to feel this feeling!”

Lanez also goes on to talk the impact of social media and negative comments and even shares some of the crazy jobs he’s worked in the past.

Watch the full Tory Lanez x The Cruz Show interview below:

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