G Perico: “Los Angeles Is In My Blood” + Why He Listens To Sade [WATCH]

G Perico: “Los Angeles Is In My Blood” + Why He Listens To Sade [WATCH]

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G Perico stopped by the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios for an exclusive interview with DJ Felli Fell. Following consistent releases in 2017 with All Blue and his debut album, 2 Tha Left, the Los angeles native returns to drop off his Guess What? EP. During the 17-minute conversation, G touches on everything from his biggest influences, his rise in the rap game, and his surprising top choices of music.

When asked who he learned from the most, Perico says,  “I was big on underground artists, because I’m a person that kind of not necessarily got a problem with authority, or conforming, I just feel like there’s always more than one way to do stuff. I’m big on a lot of Bay Brea cats: E-40, Mac Dre. Even Jay-Z, the longevity. Suga Free, really just off the rip. Too Short. All the OGs that came through, that are still doing their thing.”

Touching the features on his Guess What? EP (Garren & Kalin.FrFr), Felli notes he “kept it light.” G states, “I like to do features for other stuff, but I feel like when it’s time for me to do a project, people don’t wanna hear [that]. It’s more so a compilation if I got a lot of features, and I have so much of a story to tell. I like to just give a chance to do my thing. All the greats do that, you know?”

In addition, he reveals the top 3 albums he has in rotation:

“Sade, the best of, or the very best. Sade for sure, because my life be like chaos. People ask why do you listen to smooth music like that, and it’s because my real life is actually crazy, you know what I’m saying? I need to chill sometimes.” As for the other two on the list, he notes Suga Free’s Street Gospel saying “It just one of those albums…” Lastly, he says Kendrick’s Damn, but admits he was sleeping on it at first.

As for some goals for himself as an artist, he states, “I’m trying to go next level with the production and just appeal to the masses. Get outside this local box man, I need to get in the races with the big names.”

Watch the full interview above!

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