Quavo On Drake & Migos Collab, Woring W/Pharrell on “APES**T” + Rihanna’s Super Bowl Decline

Quavo On Drake & Migos Collab, Woring W/Pharrell on “APES**T” + Rihanna’s Super Bowl Decline

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Head Huncho Quavo, and his twin Mascot, came through to the Lift Off with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk to talk his Atlanta group Migos’ collab with Drake, the news of Rihanna turning down a Super Bowl halftime performance, as well as his recently released solo album Huncho Quavo.

The Aubrey and The Three Migos tour just swept through Los Angeles for a total of seven sold out shows. While the tour has saw some mis-steps with a couple of canceled shows due to technical set backs, Quavo reveals that the tour has become an going testament to the groups work ethic.

The crazy thing about it, we only had like a week to rehearse. Every day we get better and better. Like, the chemistry gets like even smoother. We just try to like, like I say, the first nights, and the first two nights we go on, we did things and we just try to repeat what we did the next day. Try to bring something different, just repeat what we did. Like, even with Drake, we never even rehearsed on the stage once. Just came out. It was organic.

The Huncho Dreams rapper has a lot of new music on the way, including the third installment of Migos’ Culture series due early 2019, Quavo comments on how each Migos member brings something different to the table stating, “I try to be on everything. I love to just work. I love for my product to be out. I love to be everywhere, I like to just be that guy,” he explains. “Takeoff like more mysterious and more powerful. Offset, he’s just like a savage, like a savage side, aggressive side. Like, ready for war. So, you put all that together, you got us.”

With hit singles under his bet that include a roster of collabs with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Pharrell and many more, the Migos man reveals how his projects with the Carters and super producer p came together.

I did “APES**T” and “Stir Fry” all in the same night with Pharrell. We was locking in for Culture II and we needed another record and I couldn’t turn Pharrell down like, I had the album already turned in…He [Pharrell] came through, he was next door…he dropped like five-six beats. He pulled up that beat [“Stir Fry” form like 2008, we knocked that out. Then he dropped another beat, ”APES**T.” Like, it was so fast, I’m like, “Man, I really can’t keep up.”

Quavo goes on to detail his thoughts on the recent news of bad gal Rihanna declining an offer to play at next year’s Superbowl half time show as well as drops news that there is an upcoming Drake and Migos collab and much more.

Watch the full Quavo x L.A. Leakers interview below:


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