Wiz Khalifa On What He’s Learned From Ty Dolla $ign, Jay-Z Trolling, New R&B Project

Wiz Khalifa On What He’s Learned From Ty Dolla $ign, Jay-Z Trolling, New R&B Project

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Wiz Khalifa drops by the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios for a live session in the studio, to talk about why he’s cool with his son Sebastian using cuss words at home, what his next album will sound like, and confirms that he WILL be performing at Mac Miller’s tribute concert.

Making his way back to The Cruz Show, the Rolling Loud performer first fills us in on his family life and comments on some of the backlash he has received on his parenting style. While the Pittsburg native has been open with sharing his Father and son moments on social media, Wiz admits that he lets his five-year-old live his life and experience things on his own. As both Wiz and his son’s mother, Amber Rose, allow Sebastian to use profanity at home, Khalifa also comments on the topic of letting Sebastian experience riding to school with his friends.

I think people just get so caught up on what they would do with money, when they get it. It’s like, you do what you do If you want, if you get it. If you want to take your kid to school and have security surrounding you, that’s your business. But, I don’t live in that world. I walk up and down the street and, you know, I handle my business. I want my son to grow up in a world where he has a choice: A: to be top secret or B, to be out there in the world.

With new music slated to drop, taking an R&B approach with his next project, Wiz reveals that he’s also been keeping up with the new joint Ty Dolla $ign and Kanye West album. Recently hitting up a studio session with Ty, Wiz commented on Ty’s upcoming Ye collab and his work ethic, saying, ”I’ve actually been listening to it forever, since they started recording it, all the way up until this point now.” Wiz continues, “Ty [Dolla $ign] is so talented man. He’s a great musician and he always takes it to the next level. So it’s only natural that other artists like Kanye, and whoever else he works with are really, really, inspired by him.”

Wiz will be making an appearance at Mac Miller’s tribute benefit later this month, and while he has about 20 tracks finished for his new R&B project, he also confessed that he was trolling his fans with a possible Jay Z collab.

Watch the full Wiz Khalifa and The Cruz Show interview below and make sure to pick up your Rolling Loud tickets here.

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