Kris Wu Talks The Hip Hop Culture in China, Working With Travis Scott + His Upcoming Album

Kris Wu Talks The Hip Hop Culture in China, Working With Travis Scott + His Upcoming Album

Photo Credits: Power 106

Kris Wu is about to drop his first solo rap album ever after after 2 years of grinding. Music isn’t all he does, he’s also the host of “Rap of China”, has walked the Burberry Runway, and also has features from Jhené Aiko and Travis Scott. Wu stopped through the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios to talk his musical journey and new project on the way.

When asked who is on his shortlist of people he would want to to work with, he said Travis Scott is high on the list, which has already checked off he says with a grin. He also says Pharrell and Kanye are two other dream collabs. He says he’s always open to collaborating and that he was also in talks with Migos. He had the opportunity to do a show with them for of “Rap of China” when judged the show for the North American auditions. A lot of artist these days try and branch out to do other things like acting, but he says he is “mostly focused on the music”.

Wu has been rapping since he was twelve but comes from a very conservative family who at first wanted him to be a doctor or lawyer. He says now though that his parents are surprisingly supportive of his career choice. It wasn’t always easy for him though he’s experienced a lot of hate back in China. “I love my country and everything.” he starts. “But there is always going to be haters, because there is always going to be people who don’t understand what you’re trying to do—they won’t.” One of the reasons he gives for the resistance is that ballad music has been popular in china for the past 20-30 years and people are more into slow love songs there.

Fans have been waiting for his album for some time now, but they can finally expect his album by the end of the year, “within the next two months” he reassures. On how he hopes fans will receive the album, “First of all, to all my fans this is kind of like, you know, telling them like look, here’s that album. You know, have it, enjoy it, finally it’s here you know. This is my first solo like, first album, ever. To people that don’t know me—or have somewhere on the the road listened to my music before—I just want them to kinda know what type of artist I am.” he says very genuinely. “This is a body of work I feel like really represents me and what i’ve been working on for the past 2-3 years.” Watch the full interview below!

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