Jason Lee on Getting Attacked By The Barbz, Leaving ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ + MORE

Jason Lee on Getting Attacked By The Barbz, Leaving ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ + MORE

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Jason Lee has all the tea but he won’t spill it about just anyone. As he continues into his third season at Wild’N Out and possibly starting a new MTV collab, Jason’s list of celebrity friendships (and gossip) just keeps growing his name, and making Hollywood Unlocked, even bigger.

Being the head honcho behind “the pulse of pop culture,” Jason spearheads the HU hub for all celebrity gossip that’s moving the needle for the culture. Having come from the reality television realm, with being featured on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, Lee created a platform that has assisted in establishing relationships with some of the hottest names in hip-hop. Sharing his recent visit over to the West-Kardashian compound, Jason recognizes that his job doesn’t get in the way of his personal relationships.

I was just with Kanye West at his house…I mean Kanye at home was very different than the Kanye that I’m looking at right now. And, I mean, we had a conversation about the Trump stuff and, you know, how he belongs to the culture, but then he talked about bipolar disorder. Now, you just see this damn hat that is driving everybody crazy. So, I can sit in his house that day and then go back and write a story about how crazy he is with that hat.

While it’s not always easy being behind the scenes and reporting on celebrity stories, that gets the curator in hot water sometimes, Lee also shares that the Nicki Minaj stans can’t get their foot off of his neck.

These Barbz are something else…I have no beef with Nicki Minaj. I am a fan of Nicki Minaj. If you look at my iTunes, I actually have the Queen album. I have all of her other albums. I mean, I’m not a stan for her, or anybody other than Beyoncé, but I just feel like in this industry if you’re friends with somebody and they get into it with somebody, people automatically expect you to not like the other side, which is crazy.

Jason goes on to shout out Nick Cannon who put Lee on to the Wild ‘N Out line up, shares his story of meeting Queen Latifah and coming out Hollywood for the first time, as well as detailing his reasons behind leaving the L&HHH franchise.

Watch the full Cruz Show interview below:

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