Gangster Rap Expert Soren Baker On New Book + 20 Year Rap Journalist Career

Gangster Rap Expert Soren Baker On New Book + 20 Year Rap Journalist Career

photo credit: Power 106
Soren Baker is a legend in the rap game and has most likely interviewed all of your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper and many other artists. He just released a book, “The History of Gangster Rap” that spans his 20+ year career and gives a comprehensive view of how Gangster Rap was formed and how it has evolved.

With Schoolly D as his inspiration behind his current book but also the reason why he has a strong passion for the genre of Gangster rap, Baker has shared his extensive career experience and expertise with hip-hop and how the genre has impacted music and the culture.

Chronicling the rise and fall and today’s state of Gangster rap, during Baker’s Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios interview, Soren shouts out those in the game who are continuing to put respect on the genre. Baker says, “It’s still here, man. Gangster rap in particular. You know, you guys do a great job, here at Power 106, playing a lot of the artists. YG is obviously a part of that. Nipsey Hussle is a part of that,” Soren continues. “Vince Staples is a part of that. You know, and then we have emerging artists like G Perico is a part of that. AD is a part of that. It’s still alive and well.”

Baker goes on to talk the core meaning of the book stating:

I really focused purely on the music. ‘Cause that’s what I always cared about, the music itself, how it was made, why it was made, and the interaction of what led the artist to create the music they created. And throughout The History of Gangster Rap book, that’s really what I focus on.

Soren recently held a book signing at The Grove where he recruited gangster rap pioneers to assist with the special signing.

Watch the entire Cruz Show interview below:

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