Jorge Burgos & Gilbert Saldivar Discuss New Film ‘Shine’ + Effects of Gentrification

Jorge Burgos & Gilbert Saldivar Discuss New Film ‘Shine’ + Effects of Gentrification

photo credit: Power 106
Jorge Burgos and Gilbert Saldivar star in the new movie “Shine” which hits theaters today, Friday October 5th. The movie details a Latino family who faces gentrification and the two say the movie will mean to Latinos what “Crazy Rich Asians” meant to Asian-Americans.

Speaking with Cece of The Cruz Show, at the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios, Gilbert Saldivar breaks down the synopsis of the film where the duo co-star as brothers.

It’s a story about inclusion. It’s a story about your voice being heard…Yes, gentrification is happening and we accept that and embrace that, but listen to what we feel. Listen to what it feels like when you shut us down, when you move us out as opposed to include us, and keep our colors, keep our music, keep our food, you know? Keep the essence of what this neighborhood, any neighborhood that is being gentrified actually is and what the people actually want. And I think Shine does a good job of that.

While the film is centered on salsa dancing, the duo also talk their street dance background and how the dance community has been waiting for a film like this and they also discuss the relationships they’ve built in the dance and entertainment industry, as well as how it was transitioning from dancing to making their leading role acting debuts.

Watch the full interview below:

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