T.I. Talks Upcoming Album “Dime Trap” + Kanye West’s MAGA Kaepernick Fit [WATCH]

T.I. Talks Upcoming Album “Dime Trap” + Kanye West’s MAGA Kaepernick Fit [WATCH]

Rapper and businessman T.I. stopped by The Cruz Show for an interview at our the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios.

T.I. starts off by touching on being a family man and how he thinks it is easier to parent with having multiple kids.

“The kids watch out for each other, they kind of.. they learn from each other… If one of the kids won’t talk to me I’ll go to the brother or sister that’s spending the most time with them to see what happened.”

With the help from his mom and Tiny’s, he is never short-handed when taking care for his family

He also shared his opinions on Kanye West wearing a MAGA hat with a Colin Kaepernick sweatshirt. “I think in his own head he kind of feels like he is bringing people together.” He goes on to say “I don’t know how successful it’s becoming” and laughs it off and continues on to the details of his upcoming album, Dime Trap.

T.I. spilled that comedian Dave Chapelle has a cameo in his upcoming Dime Trap album. The two have a great friendship, and have had many “magical evenings” whenever they get together for a night out. Inspired by the evolution of his sophomore album Trap Muzik,  Dime Trap is “a TED talk for Trap,” as T.I. put it.

T.I. adds it took him four years to complete Dime Trap  saying “I set out to make the album my career.” Although the release date is not confirmed, the project is out for pre-order now. Hopefully we can get a hold of Dime Trap on October 5th!

Watch the full interview below.

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