Kanye Says He ‘Redesigned’ The MAGA Hat

Kanye Says He ‘Redesigned’ The MAGA Hat

Mr. West is known for making contoversial fashion and political statements. This morning Ye made an appearance at the Fader magazine’s offices and decided to make both. He just announced he’s got an album coming out Saturday and if that wasn’t enough o make headlines, his outfit sure was. He paired what he called a “redesigned” Make America Great Again hat with a Colin Kaepernick sweater.He addresses his outfit choice and also took the time to preview new music. Check out the videos that were tweeted out this morning below.

Kanye says he changed the brim and the shape of the front of it and that he’s put “positive energy” in the hat. Kanye has of course made his support for Trump known but says the two don’t agree on everything. One of those things may be when Trump referred to Colin as a “son of a bitch” and called for the NFL owners to fire all players who didn’t stand for the national anthem. Kanye addressed Nike signing Kaepernick and said ”I stand for giving everyone a voice. Adidas giving me a voice and Nike giving Colin voice on a big business level makes the world a more advanced place.” What would a Kanye controversy be without people going off on Twitter? Check out what people had to say:

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