Swizz Beatz On Collabing W/J. Cole On ‘Poison’ Album, Top 5 Producers + Working With DMX

Swizz Beatz On Collabing W/J. Cole On ‘Poison’ Album, Top 5 Producers + Working With DMX

photo credit: Power 106

It was definitely a SHOWTIME energy this morning on the Cruz Show when Swizz Beatz came through to the the Power 106 Perrier® & Juice Studios to talk his new album, his top 5 producers, and working with J. Cole on ‘Poison.’

It’s been nearly 11 years since super producer and rapper Swizz dropped off a project and this time around, the rapper is delivering heat this November. With ‘Poison’ slated to drop late Fall, Swizz has been working to deliver quality for the new feat and has even enlisted the assistance of Dreamville honcho J. Cole. Speaking on why he decided to collab with Cole, Swizz says:

When I wanted to come back in the game it was quality. Right? And as far as the J Cole collaboration as working with me on the record, a lot of people that’s from my generation they think they too cool to work with the newer artists that’s up and coming, they feel that artists need to kiss their ring.

“Because in life, we gotta face our poisons. We gotta face it, in order to poise on, says the rapper on inspiration behind his album title. With his new project on the way, Swizz also hints at a possible collaboration with one of his Top 5 rappers DMX, saying:

I think that there’s a time and a place for everything. And the way that his God, or God period, wants it to go, that’s the way it’s gonna go. But no matter what, I’m going to always support him. I’m going to always take care of his family. We gonna do the right thing and when he gets out, you know, we got some things to do.

Also peep who Swizz names as his top 5 Producers in the new Cruz Show clip below:

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