Disney Darkens Princess Tiana’s Skintone After Receiving Backlash

Disney Darkens Princess Tiana’s Skintone After Receiving Backlash

Princess Tiana is back to looking like the original character fans all know and love after they noticed her skin tone was lighter in a trailer for the Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks The Internet. Although fans are excited Tiana is rocking her natural hair, when the initial trailer was released earlier this summer that was over shadowed by the fact that they realized she had been drawn with lighter skin, and a narrower nose. After a lot of social media criticism, and some help from advocacy group, Color of Change they have now redrawn the princess to ease concerns over controversy of “whitewashing” their first black princess. This is the tweet the group sent out:

Disney fans say they first noticed that something looked different about Tiana when promo shots from the film were released last month that showed all of the Princesses dressed for a slumber party. They say the all of Princesses but Tiana, were drawn identical to their original films and that her new nose and hair made her look “racially ambiguous”. The mistake may have only further highlighted the issue of underrepresentation, and some fans say that the studios need to hire more people of color to actually work on these films and draw people that look like them. Below we have a few tweet of people’s thoughts on Twitter check them out!

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