#NowYouKnow: The Internet On Lessons Learned From Mac Miller + Odd Future, Talk ‘Hive Mind’ Album

#NowYouKnow: The Internet On Lessons Learned From Mac Miller + Odd Future, Talk ‘Hive Mind’ Album

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Two-fifths of the LA-based five-man group, The Internet, Syd and Chris Smith discuss the inspiration behind their newest project ‘Hive Mind.’ Sharing their biggest musical influences and name dropping Beyoncé and Rihanna as dream collabs, the duo also details important lessons they learned while touring with the late Mac Miller.

Collectively reuniting again after solo ventures and carious side-projects, Syd explains the inspiration behind their latest album ‘Hive Mind’ “was a great title to come after ‘Ego Death.” “Because, a hive mind is basically a collective egos, a group think, basically; thinking as one,” the singer continues.

While the group has worked to solidify their roles and creative spaces together, the collective draws inspiration from the likes of D’Angelo, N.E.R.D., and Jamiroquai. Both Chris and Syd take some time to call out a message to Beyonce and Rihanna in hopes that the group could work on a collab in the near future.

The pair also shares their main studio essentials and detail the relationship they had with the late rapper Mac Miller.

We toured with Mac Miller some years ago and that was probably like the best, tour experience. He taught us how to tour. Like, his squad is so, like, it’s really like a family function when he tours. And, it made it really nice for us openers but feeling like we were always welcome.

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