Justin Credible’s 5 Tips For High School & College Freshman

Justin Credible’s 5 Tips For High School & College Freshman

It’s back to school season, which means jumping into a new grade, or even a new school! Being in a new school environment can be intimidating, but Justin Credible is here to help with his 5 tips for high school and college freshman. He got some help from some of our friendly #LIFTOFF listeners, to help you OWN your freshman year of high school or college.

Follow these tips & you should be the talk of the class in no time:

  1. Shoot your shot at the hottest girl at school, even if she isn’t feeling you, the other girls will dig the confidence. Either way, you’ll win.
  2. Get your general education classes out of the way early!! Otherwise, you will hate yourself senior year dealing with classes you have no interest in.
  3. Join an extracurricular club or sports team that you are super passionate about, you will learn more PLUS you’ll make friends who share similar hobbies.
  4. Do NOT sign up for 8 AM or Friday classes, I guarantee you will not make it to class when it’s early especially if you’re turning up with friends on a Thursday night. (DISCLAIMER: This tip is for college students ONLY…high schoolers, you’re expected there Mon-Fri)
  5.  When it comes to school dances like Homecoming and Winter Formal don’t be afraid to go “stag” (without a date). You will have way more fun dancing with your friends rather than being stuck with a date you’re not even interested in.

Got any other suggestions and/or any of these pieces of advice work for you?! Let Justin Credible know on Twitter!  @j_credible

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