Is Kim Kardashian Behind Kanye’s Apology To Drake? [LISTEN]

Is Kim Kardashian Behind Kanye’s Apology To Drake? [LISTEN]

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We are already five days into the month of September and beef is being cleared out to the max in hip-hop.

With MGK dropping his Eminem diss “Rap Devil” just a few days ago, and Joe Budden taking shots at Em on his podcast, Kanye West now sees himself facing what could potentially be a one-sided story.

Taking to his official Twitter account early Wednesday morning, G.O.O.D. Music rapper Kanye West offered a public apology to Drake. The Cruz Show discusses the apology to Drake, citing Ye’s series of tweets where West addresses the Pusha T beef, which Ye was not involved with giving the ‘Daytona’ rapper information for the “Story Of Adidon” diss track, he apologizes for leaving Drake off of “Lift Yourself,” and apologizes for interfering with Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ release date.

The Morning Show thinks that Kim Kardashian might have had an influence on Ye’s sudden apology to Drizzy.

J Cruz: I think he’s being the bigger man, you feel me, I think there is some motives there. I think that Kim now being dragged into it probably pulled him aside and said, “Babe, you gotta dead this and make this okay, so they can stop dragging me.”

Peep the full discussion below:

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