Logic Announces Album Release Date in his “YSIV” Freestyle [WATCH]

Logic Announces Album Release Date in his “YSIV” Freestyle [WATCH]

Photo by Mike Coppola | Getty Images

Logic spits mad bars in his “YSIV” freestyle, over Method Man’s 1994 “Bring the Pain.”

The freestyle takes place in an empty, iridescent lit room and Logic is just going IN on the beat, produced by RZA. Fitted in all black, the Maryland native starts off the two-minute freestyle with Logic addressing “the old Logic.”

“They say they want the old Logic
The one that flow like a faucet
I’m still the same me
They just don’t believe it like they agnostic
If I spit over the boom bap they perceive it as nostalgic
But the truth is my subject matter is still the same
Production selection is still flame
But they love you on the come-up ’cause you ain’t tainted by fame”

He also pays tribute to some big names like Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac and more.

“From Nasty Nas, Big L, the Roots, and many more.
Of course, we could never forget Biggie and Young Shakur.”

At the end of the freestyle, Logic lets us know that his album, Young Sinatra IV, will drop on September 28th. The project is releasing six months after his last one, Bobbly Tarantino II.

Watch Logic’s freestyle below!