Wild ‘N Out Footage Reveals Why Azealia Banks Was Pissed At Nick Cannon [WATCH]

Wild ‘N Out Footage Reveals Why Azealia Banks Was Pissed At Nick Cannon [WATCH]

photo credit: Ilya S. Savenok l Getty Images

Earlier this month Azealia Banks took to her Instagram to express her frustration and disgust she experienced while filming an episode of Nick Cannon and MTV’s Wild ’N Out.

While Ludacris recently made his appearance on the show and took jabs at rapper 6ix9ine, Azalea’s stint on the show is a completely different story.

Footage realeased via TMZ, during the show’s ‘So Petty’ segment, comedian DC Young Fly says, “Nick Cannon is so petty, he couldn’t get Cardi B, so he got Azalea’s ugly ass.” As the crowd laughed at the segment, Banks took offense and addressed the joke, telling the show, “Sorry, can I just say, that was very anti-black.”

Banks later went in on Nick Cannon and the show’s cast on her Instagram, which Cannon responded with his own take on the taping.

I show up and some guy who’s darker than me starts calling me ugly and being colorist, then all of a sudden a choir of the most disgustingly basic, local, cattle call ‘urban’ pseudo comedic ‘FAT BECause You sit in a chair all day’ greasy soul food induced south of the mason Dixon ,self hatred,” she added. “Ass It#backwards, post-Jim crow , post traumatic slave disorder true self esteem less, Ward of the state CLOWNS with their low scale and highly UNimpressive resumes, start going off about how the beautiful Azealia Banks looks! I’ve never felt so much hate and rage for anyone else than I did in that moment. Yemaya was really on stage.

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