Justin Credible Shares First Date Hot Spot Ideas

Justin Credible Shares First Date Hot Spot Ideas

Are you going on a first date this weekend and struggling coming up with fun and different ideas? If so, Justin Credible came up with a list of spots you can check out whether your trying to have fun on a budget or go all out, we got all the best spots below:

  1. Runyon Canyon, where you can hike and enjoy the view of the whole city, you can even see the famous Hollywood sign. Runyon is a fairly easy hike, and it’s possible to even run into some celebrities enjoying a work out. Hiking while the sun is setting over the hills would be the best time to hit this spot to impress your date.
  2. Malibu Wine Safari is another great date spot, and only 30 minutes from L.A. You can enjoy a wide variety of wine and food, go on a tour of the winery. It wouldn’t be a safari with out wild animals! The best part is you get an opportunity to feed the giraffes, zebras, and more. Any date that involves feeding exotic animals will definitely be hard to top!
  3. The Perch is a rooftop restaurant and bar in Downtown Los Angeles that looks over Downtown L.A.’s skyline. This place has great drinks, good vibes, and is perfect for any time of day. The drinks will help with the first date nerves to be able to get to know your date a little better.
  4. A Dodger game date is a must in L.A! The dodger dogs, beer, and the Friday night fireworks are the perfect combination for a good time. During the firework show is the best time to get closer to your date, they allow fans to sit on the field with blankets while the sky lights up, making it super romantic. The Dodgers are playing against the San Diego Padres on Saturday and Sunday at home and tickets are very affordable.
  5. Venice beach is another great spot that has a ton of fun stuff that everyone can enjoy. With a bunch of different food options, people performing crazy stunts or dancing, and everyone coming together for a drum circle. Venice is the perfect spot for an exciting first date because theres so much to do over there and even enjoy the sunset on the beach for that romantic moment.
  6. Lastly, shopping on Fairfax for some new gear is always an adventure. The popular stores such as Supreme, Flight Club Shoes, and more attract most celebrities, so it’s possible you’ll run into some of your favorites shopping. Imagine meeting some celebrities on a first date, that will definitely be one to remember!

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