Justin Credible Pays A Visit To The Doctor, Dr. Dre

Justin Credible Pays A Visit To The Doctor, Dr. Dre

Photo Credit: Justin Credible

Everyone is asking Justin Credible what his studio visit with the West Coast Legend Dr. Dre was like earlier this week… he cant say much since everything is top secret, but Justin shares it was a huge honor to be in the studio and soak up all of the knowledge. 

When it comes to what music Justin heard, it was all about Anderson .Paak. Justin tells us Anderson’s music is on the way very soon and is definitely going to be one of the best albums of the year in his opinion. He adds “The production for the album is super strong and has some surprises on the album that is sure to be talked about.”

In a previous interview with The Cruz Show, Anderson shared what it is like working with Dr. Dre:

‘He’s always working on something..I was coming out of rehearsal and I thought I was gonna go home and get some rest, and he’s like, ‘Can you pull up bro, I want you to hear something…”

Anderson adds;

“Dre has hundreds of thousands of songs, we’ll be drinking and chilling and he’ll be like check this out and it’s something he did in 2004 like what the hell is this!? This is dope man!!’

Before he left he had to snap a photo in front of the piano dre was working on some music on, see the photos below. Stay tuned for new music coming from Anderson .Paak and possible leaks from the L.A. Leakers!

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