Demi Lovato’s Alleged Drug Dealer Provided Her Laced Drugs

Demi Lovato’s Alleged Drug Dealer Provided Her Laced Drugs

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They always say, whatever is dark will come to light. It seems that is proving true for the details of the night Demi Lovato overdosed, and it’s more complicated than anyone could have imagine.

First, sources told TMZ that the alleged drug dealer who sold Demi the Oxycodone she took that night, was arrested on drug and firearm charges just one month before he started selling to her. Then, to add insult to injury the overdose was likely trigged because the Oxy was allegedly laced with, get this—fentanyl. Yes. That is the same drug that killed both Prince and Lil Peep. It’s safe to say Demi is extremely lucky to be alive.

An alleged timeline of the events the night of Lovato’s near death overdose have just been released. Sources are saying it all started on July 24th when she attended a birthday party at Saddle Ranch, on Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip. She is then said to have left the restaurant to attend a party in West Hollywood, after the party she then returned to her home and texted her drug dealer around 4 A.M. TMZ reported that sources with direct knowledge of the situation told them, after the drug dealer got the text, he came to her house and they freebased Oxycodone on tin foil together.

Sources say what Demi didn’t know was, the drug dealer had a bad habit of buying dirty drugs from Mexico. The dealer then allegeldly fled her home when he noticed she was in bed, breathing very heavily. Then someone on Demi’s staff found her around 11:30 AM. She was later revived with Narcan, a lifesaving drug that counteracts opioids, after the paramedics arrived. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks and then left for a treatment facility out of state. She and her mom most recently flew to Chicago last Friday where she is apparently now receiving treatment from a renowned addiction specialist.

HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @Kecia.Kae According to TMZ, the man who provided drugs for Demi Lovato and allegedly showed up to her house to smoke it with her was arrested twice by the LAPD before her near-fatal overdose. ___________________________________________________ Brandon Johnson was arrested back in March and in June for possession of narcotics and guns as well as a DUI. Sources tell TMZ that Johnson was Demi’s go-to guy and has been supplying her with drugs since April. ___________________________________________________ The singer, 25, is said to have texted Brandon to come over at 4 AM the morning she overdosed after free-basing Oxycodone potentially laced with fentanyl, TMZ reports. It was also said that Johnson fled the house after realizing Demi was not well. ___________________________________________________ Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com, link in bio.

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More on the alleged drug dealer though—his name is Brandon Johnson and he was arrested back in March when he was found with guns, drugs and cash according to law enforcement sources. When police picked him up in North Hollywood they say he had narcotics, a fully loaded semi-automatic handgun and $10k on his person. When officers then searched his home they discovered more guns, drugs and ammunition. He was then arrested again in June and charged with DUI and possession of cocaine. He now denies dealing to Demi and the D.A. has not charged him yet for the March arrest.

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