Beyoncé & Jay-Z Honor Aretha Franklin

Beyoncé & Jay-Z Honor Aretha Franklin

Duane Prokop/Getty Images
News broke out Monday night that the legendary Aretha Franklin is extremely ill as word got out that she’s battling cancer at the age of 76.

Franklin is surrounded by her family and friends in Detroit where she told Free Press in 201, “My roots are there. The church is there. My family is there. I like the camaraderie in Detroit, how we’ll rally behind something that’s really worthy and come to each other’s assistance.”

Beyonce just happened to be in Detroit on Monday night for her On the Run II tour where she decided to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin. Before Queen Bey arrived, DJ Khaled got the crowd going by playing the Queen of Soul’s iconic song, “Respect.” The crowd was captured by the channel 4 news station in Detroit. Beyonce then arrived and dedicated the entire show to Franklin saying, “We love you and thank you.” Beyonce praised Aretha Franklin alongside other musicians in her September issue of Vogue stating, “They opened the doors for me, and I pray that I’m doing all I can to open doors for the next generation of talents.”

To honor the iconic Aretha Franklin, a biopic is expected to begin filming in 2019 starring Jennifer Hudson.

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