Parkland Shooter Claims ‘Demon’ Instructed Him To Kill

Parkland Shooter Claims ‘Demon’ Instructed Him To Kill


After the unfortunate event of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school massacre that occurred this past February, there has been transcripts released that revealed that the shooter would hear a voice, or what he referred it to as a ‘demon,’ telling him the night before to cause hurt to people.

Nikolas Cruz has been accused of the death of seventeen students and faculty members from the school in Parkland, Florida. According to some court documents, it is revealed that Nikolas Cruz had confessed that he was the gunman. Though Cruz stayed mute during court, and without any say, the judge ended up entering a plea of not guilty.

The transcript also consisted of a conversation between Cruz and the detective, on the day of the arrest of February 14. The transcript also revealed that he was talking about his dead parents and a demon within his mind. The transcript also reveals that he had a meeting with his younger brother before the event.



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