Ray J’s Beanie Takes Over The Internet [WATCH]

Ray J’s Beanie Takes Over The Internet [WATCH]

Photo Credit|Getty Images: Mike Windle

A 50-second clip of Ray J on Love & Hip-Hop has hilariously taken the internet by storm after viewers noticed that the beanie on Ray J’s head seemed to have a mind of its own.

During this weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop, Ray J and Safaree Samuels are having a heated discussion about infidelity, however, the seriousness of the situation was overlooked thanks to Ray J’s beanie. The beanie is seen in a different position on his head every time he is shown.

Ray J took to Instagram to join in on the laugh.


Ray J recorded a video explaining to TMZ that it was due to poor editing. The actual discussion he had with Safaree was very long and in order to fit it in the show much of the conversation was edited. Ray J has jokingly admitted that the now famous beanie will appear in future episodes.