[WATCH] ‘VENOM’ Trailer Release

[WATCH] ‘VENOM’ Trailer Release


Sony is releasing its latest addition to the Spider-Man universe. The trailer for Venom is now out.

In the movie, Tom Hardy plays the main character, Eddie Brock, who is a journalist that unknowingly gets involved with a suspicious lab which changes his whole life completely. Eddie Brock becomes a victim of the black symbiote just as many other regular civilians that were attacked by the army of extraterrestrials.

Brock goes through the movie struggling to control his own body and the end of the trailer shows that the monster completely takes over his body. Brock’s face was shown when Venom’s face recedes after a bystander asked what the monster was.

Sony attempts to launch movies that are more villain-based, so Tom Holland’s Spiderman will not appear in Venom. Marvel Comics originally introduced Venom in “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 1984. Venom will be in theaters October 5th.

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