Wiz Khalifa Brings Son Out To Perform “Hunnid Bands” [WATCH]

Wiz Khalifa Brings Son Out To Perform “Hunnid Bands” [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Daniel Ramos

Wiz Khalifa started a vlog on YouTube titled “DayToday” back in 2009 detailing all that happens in his day to day between touring working in the studio and everything in between. In his most recent video titled “Doin What I Love Most” he shares some behind the scenes while on his Dazed & Blazed Tour.

Wiz brought his son Sebastian aka Bash who is 5 years old out at his show in Detroit Michigan and gave him the spotlight on stage to perform “Hunnid Bands” together.  At first Bash looked a little timid, but got more comfortable through out the song and was droppin bars, he even finished with some dance moves! Following the duet the video cuts to Wiz backstage having a proud father moment saying “He stole the show.”

Watch the video below:

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