Beyonce Puts Jay-Z On A Strict Diet

Beyonce Puts Jay-Z On A Strict Diet
Christopher Polk / Staff

According to reposts from RadarOnline, after putting him on a strict regimen, Jay-Z has lost nearly 30 pounds in a matter of two months. A few of the tricks that helped him lose the weight are consuming only juices for lunch, skipping snacks, and avoiding carbs after 7 p.m.

Beyonce admits that Jay-z’s biggest weakness is his sweet tooth, and to make sure he doesn’t fall into temptation he has a nutritionists following him around all day. A source says that when he falters, Beyonce puts him on a treadmill to sweat it off.

The results of this diet have not only been good for him physically, but he now has a lot of his energy back too. It’s fair to say that Beyoncé’s plan for him is working, and she is proud of him!

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