“I said no to the Superbowl, you need me I don’t need you / Every night we in the endzone / Tell the NFL we need stadiums too.” – JAY Z coming for the NFL
“patiently waiting for my demise/ cause my success cant be quantified/ If I gave two f***s about streaming numbers I would’ve put Lemonade up on Spotify” – BEYONCEcoming with some BARS!
“Ni**as rather work for the man than to work with me / Just so they can pretend they on my level / That s**t is urking to me / Pride always goeth before the fall almost certainly.”
– JAY Z with the SMOKE BARS
“Yeah you f**ked up the first time we had to get remarried/ we keepin it real with these people right? Luckily I aint kill you when I met that b*” – BEYONCE