Miguel and Kygo Drops Music Video for ‘Remind Me To Forget’

Miguel and Kygo Drops Music Video for ‘Remind Me To Forget’
A few months ago Kygo and Miguel joined forces and released a collaborative track titled “Remind Me To Forget”. They both dropped the music video for the track where they teamed up again.
The song touches on the emotional aftermath of a breakup which is also depicted in the video. Miguel starts the song off making a soulful case for breakup wounds in his lyrics “Baby, it hit so hard, holding on to my chest/maybe you left your mark, reminding me to forget.”
The video’s artistic side features a ballerina dressed in ripped and tattered clothing and the room that both her and Miguel are in being destroyed as to depict the destruction and chaos that a breakup or heartbreak can cause. Kygo then appears in the video gracefully playing the piano while the destruction continues.
Kygo and Miguel are set to pair up once again for a performance of this song on SNL on May 14th.

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