Daz Dillinger Releases Kanye West Diss Track

Daz Dillinger Releases Kanye West Diss Track
Over the past week or so since Kanye West went rouge, West coast rapper Daz Dillinger has been relentless in speaking on his disapproval of Kanye’s crazy tweets and approval of Donald Trump. Dillinger even went so far as to urge the Crips to “Fuck his ass up” and in a savage video interview he said “It’s like, we all in one boat, and they killing all of us, and he jump over there and say, Master I’m on your side, master. I got all the information. I’m with you master Trump.”
However, Dillinger has yet to let the ‘Ye off the hook. On his SoundCloud he shared a new diss track aimed at Kanye, titled “True To the Game” (Part 2). The song is actually a remix of Ice Cube’s 1991 “True To The Game” off of Death Certificate. Dillinger left a lot of Cube’s original lyrics but tweaked some to be aimed more toward Kanye.
Although Dillinger kept many of Cube’s lyrics he still referenced ‘Ye being a “sellout” and attacked him for his slavery comments while deriding TMZ and explicitly telling  Kanye to “Stop selling out your race.” Dillinger has been approached by authorities over his comments, numerous tweets and Instagram posts, but remains unfazed. With all the threats leveling his way Kanye is said to have reportedly filed a restraining order against Dillinger, but Dillinger doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon.

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