Jennifer Lopez Debuts New Spanish Music

Jennifer Lopez Debuts New Spanish Music
The Latina bombshell of the Bronx is back with a new song, this time in Spanish. Jennifer Lopez not only just released the song but she came out with a beautifully produced music video connected to the song El Anillo.
The song talks about a female who is madly in love with her fellow lover and how he treats her like a queen and loves her the way no one has ever loved and out of everything, she is asking the man, “and where is the ring at?”
Speculation over the song being about Alex Rodriguez has been swirling over social media due to the breakdown of the lyrics where you can hear Jennifer Lopez say “home run con tres en base” which is a reference to baseball and then you hear a baseball bat sound in the background. Though Jennifer has denied that the song is a direct call to Alex Rodriguez, it is clear to say that some of the lyrics are aimed towards the baseball player.

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