5 Graduation Celebration Trips From Justin Credible And Dj SourMilk

5 Graduation Celebration Trips From Justin Credible And Dj SourMilk

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Photo Credit: Getty Images- Christopher Ferlong

Graduation is quickly approaching and we know you all are thinking of how you can get out of town and celebrate all while not emptying your bank account. We gathered a list of doable trips for you and your crew to check off your list.

1. Santa Barbara
You can never go wrong with a weekend getaway to Santa Barbara. There’s the beach, fun restaurants, and even better bars. You and your friends can pitch in for gas and its an easy road trip with a beautiful view. Hotel rooms start as low as $72.

2. Catalina Island
Let’s say you want to get away but you can’t go too far. Catalina Island is the perfect place to make you feel like you left Cali but in reality, you’re still there. A weekend on the island is perfect to get a tan, explore the island on a golf cart, or eat at all the spots near the port. The ferry ride to Catalina Island costs $36.75 each way and hotels start at $100 a night. (Ferry ride is free when you go on your birthday)

3. Cabo
Post-graduation feels usually have you wanting to just get away. Not just a few cities away, but leave California and surround yourself with a different environment. If flight, hotel, and spending money are in the budget, then the trip to Cabo is perfect for you. You can enjoy drinks on the beach, ride quads, and let go of that finals stress before you start that new job and get ready for the real world.

4. San Diego
Gas-Lamp is always a good place for a group of friends to have a good night. There is great food, clubs, bars, and even beach activities. If you’d rather stay in SoCal for your graduation trip, San Diego is a great place to go.

5. Las Vegas
“Vegas isn’t a good place to celebrate,” said NO ONE EVER. If you and your friends are looking to live for the nights you won’t remember, then Vegas is it! Lucky for you, you can fly in 45 minutes or drive in a few hours. There is Top Golf, shopping, and hotel zoos during the day and then clubs, bars, and anything else at night. If going into a night without knowing what will happen is your type of night, start planning your trip to Vegas.

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