Eminem Shuts Down Coachella

Eminem Shuts Down Coachella


Coachella 2018 weekend one is in the books and the headliners killed it this weekend. Eminem
closed out day 3 of Coachella. The set started off with a short visual of the artist appearing as a
giant walking through the city destroying buildings. At the end he gives the middle finger and
begins his set.

Eminem brought out a few unexpected guest including 50 Cent who performed their 2003 track
“Patiently Waiting” 50 Cent even went off performing a couple tracks of his own. Dr. Dre also joined Eminem on stage and performed some of their tracks bringing the crowd
back to the 90s.

Eminem also did a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” the late
night talk show host appeared on the screen introducing his segment as Eminem read some
negative tweets about himself.

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