Joey Badass Stopped Smoking Marijuana

Joey Badass Stopped Smoking Marijuana


Joey Bada$$ took to social media this past Wednesday to inform his fans that he hasn’t smoked marijuana for over two months. His reason for this decision was because he felt that it was a factor that was possibly slowing him down.

“Truth is I never seen myself smoking past 21. I been smoking everyday since 16, I am now 23, so I just took the new year as an opportunity to stop.” said Joey Bada$$. He then continued to say “I feel like smoking is for older people who have worked a long time and are looking to relax. Not for young people who have a lot more to accomplish and can’t afford anything slowing them down from getting to their destination.” 

Joey has a Tidal partnered podcast titled ’47 Minutes’ where you can hear him discuss hip hop, life and more with different individuals in the industry.

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