Don Benjamin Releases New EP

Don Benjamin Releases New EP


Don Benjamin recently released his EP ‘M.P.L.S.’  [Money. Power. Love. Stress] this past week. “To me these are the biggest things in life that i deal with and most people i know deal with.” said Benjamin. “We all need money to survive and live comfortable… Most people want a sort of power in life and also we all want love, and stress comes with it all.”

When it comes to working on his EP, Don Benjamin said that he was working on the album on and off for the last couple years. “I keep getting picky with songs and finally I was like, let me put this EP out right quick while I finish up my full album.”

Day26 member, Willie Taylor is featured on the track ‘Millions’. When asked about how they got together for the project, Don said that he did a verse for one of Willie’s songs last year and while working on his album, he reached out to Willie to get him on the song ‘Millions’.

You can watch the music video for his song ‘No One’ feat. Liane V, down below. 


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