Bow Wow Releases New Song ‘YEAAHH’

Bow Wow Releases New Song ‘YEAAHH’

PHOTO CREDIT: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Bow Wow is back with new music off of his project ‘Greenlight 6’ with his new single ‘YEAAHH’ where the rapper talks Gucci Mane and the Bow Wow challenge.

“This ain’t no Bow Wow Challenge, got the jet on the runway / My ni**as get it back, you don’t want no action / Off-White sneakers, Michael Jackson jacket.” The line in the song takes on the controversy surrounding Bow Wow and the private jet photo. Bow Wow took a promo picture of a private jet from a private jet company’s website, bragging about traveling private when he was then spotted on a commercial flight moments after. 

You can listen to the song down below. 


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