Kylie Jenner Reportedly Taking Birthing Classes

Kylie Jenner Reportedly Taking Birthing Classes

Photo Credit: Getty Images- Michael Stewart

It looks like it might be time for Kylie Jenner to give birth to what may be Travis Scott’s baby. 

That’s right, the news is coming in that Kylie is learning Lamaze online with her BFF Jordyn Woods. 

Lamaze is, it is a birthing technique that includes breathing exercises, stretching, hydrotherapy, massages, position changes and walking. 

This all results in a smooth and successful delivery for both mom and baby. 

We have been wondering for months is Kylie is or is not pregnant, but this new news may have just confirmed it all. 

Now yesterday, TMZ captured Jenner out and about getting some exercise with  Woods and her mother Kris Jenner. 

This was followed up with video of Kylie getting out of the car at what looks to be a major construction zone and in all black hiding the bump. 

The pregnancy of Kylie Jenner will be something that goes down in history forever. 

It’s pregnant Kylie!! ‍♀️ #tmz #kyliejenner #pregnant

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