Roy Wood$ Joins The Leakers For An Interview

Roy Wood$ Joins The Leakers For An Interview

OVO Sound’s Roy Woods recently released his debut album, Say Less, earlier this month. He also joined Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk for a one on one interview.

During this interview, Woods talks about the music scene from where he is from, which is Brampton, Ontario in Canada. He also revealed that it was the local artists that sparked his passion and drive to pursue his dream in the music industry; while also stating that Michael Jackson and Nelly are among one of his biggest influences.

The young artist shares how he came up with the name, “Roy Woods,” and when the use of it began. He also vocalizes how he first signed with the OVO and how the whole experience felt like.

Woods also praises her mother for supporting him since the very beginning of his career.

It is no question that Woods is proud of his first studio album. He tells Justin and Sourmilk that he took his time with his songs and often made sure he only released them at the right time. He says, “I had to make sure people are going to go home and type my name up.”

Say Less is available now on every music platform. Watch his full interview below. 



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