Bhad Bhabie Claps Back At Comment From Chanel WestCoast

Bhad Bhabie Claps Back At Comment From Chanel WestCoast

Photo Credit: Getty Images – Scott Dudelson

Chanel WestCoast had some words for the security guards at Poppy in West Hollywood on Monday night. The Ridiculousness star seemed more than heated when she wasn’t granted entry to the club, telling guards “Security loves to hold down whoever the f**k they can because they insecure about their own life, wish you could be a little white girl rapping, b***h. You wish you could spit bars like me.” 


On Thursday, Chanel spoke with TMZ about the incident, all while cooling off in a bathtub. Chanel explains that she had just finished her gig at the Peppermint club and had a group of friends with her. When the security asked that she only bring her cutest friend and “ditch the rest.” Needless to say, Chanel went all in on the security guard. 


Chanel admitted while soaking in a tub, that her biggest motive for making that scene was to generate attention. Apparently, any press is good press. She even referenced Bhad Bhabie, and how she gained fame from being a “complete fool.” 

“I think the only way to get attention is to act like a complete ignorant fool. You know, we’ve got Cash Me Ousside girls and people like that who act like complete fools and they get fame for it. I’ll be honest, I put a little extra on it and just spiced it up a little just to hype it up and get some attention,” said Chanel. 




Well apparently these words did not sit well with the “Cash Me Outside” girl. TMZ caught up with Bhad Bhabie and asked her about Chanel’s comment.

“You know what’s crazy, I did not know who that raggedy bitch was an hour ago. I just found out who she was, I sware I did not know who this girl was,” said Bhad Bhabie.


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