Justin Credible Shares His Thoughts On The Cam’ron And Ma$e

Justin Credible Shares His Thoughts On The Cam’ron And Ma$e

If you missed the Thanksgiving beef you are about to get all of the gravy now! 

No, we don’t mean literal beef, we’re talking good ol’ hip-hop beef between two rappers.  

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, former buddies Cam’ron and Ma$e took to the booth and each shared a song that featured some heavy blows. 

Justin credible stepped in to share his thoughts on both rounds. 

Hip-hop is a sport, where individuals are constantly battling with each other over who has the hottest bars. It’s a beautiful thing when it stays on wax and doesn’t escalate to the streets. The recent resignation of the Ma$e and Cam’ron beef is a perfect representation of that. 

Even Ma$e said that in his Genius annotations of the scathing Cam diss, “The Oracle.” Ma$e says Dame told him in 2004 he should beef with Cam.

Before I touch on this beef any further let me just say that I am a huge fan of both rappers and have tremendous respect for both.

With that said, I feel that Ma$e definitely took the first round of this battle with “The Oracle” diss track, where he stands up to the bully, Cam is known to be.

On the “ETHER”-isque diss track, Ma$e brings up Cam’s history with 50 Cent, Dame Dash, DIP SET members Jim Jones and Julez Santana, while also claiming Cam slept with his own sister and reminds Cam of the time he got in DC and got smacked by Tru Life outside an NYC club.

Justin Credible says that some of his favorite bars were 

“You always play the sucker part / Where was all that Rico shit when you left Jim in Rucker Park?/Matter fact I’m on a true life change/But let’s get back to that smack and that Tru Life chain”

“Ain’t no unity

“Ain’t no Children of the Corn/ Ain’t no you and me/ Any ni**a ever got Diplomat Immunity / Was ni**as who ratted or ones who snitched on their community”

Dope to see Cam reply so quickly, It made for an exciting Thanksgiving weekend but I give round 1 to MA$E!

Take a listen to both songs and the interview with Ma$e and let us know who you think won! 


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