The Cruz Show Appears On FOX L.A.’s “Wednesday’s Child” [WATCH]

The Cruz Show Appears On FOX L.A.’s “Wednesday’s Child” [WATCH]

Last night on FOX News 11’s “Wednesday’s Child” segment you might have spotted our Power 106 studio! Christine DeVine has a segment that airs every Wednesday night, and it shares information about a child that is a good candidate fo adoption. 

This week’s child was named Deshazier, who also goes by “DJ,” the name is very fitting as DJ is interested in radio. FOX 11 decribes DJ by saying, “He is open to and enjoys a diversity of activities. His absolute favorite is music; listening to his favorite hip-hop station POWER 106. Wouldn’t you guess? Krystal Bee of the Cruz Show aired on POWER is one of his top favorites and also a “Team Wednesday’s Child” partner.” 

The Cruz Show’s Krystal Bee showed DJ around the station as he learned more about his interest…To find out more about the episode and Wednesday’s Child, click HERE.

WATCH DJ Visit The Cruz Show At Power 106 HERE:

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