Justin Credible’s Last Minute Costume Ideas

Justin Credible’s Last Minute Costume Ideas

We all know that tomorrow is Halloween and there are so many of you all who haven’t picked out the perfect costume yet.

No need to worry, Justin Credible has you covered with 7 last minute costume ideas.

Now with those ideas, you will need to get supplies, luckily a lot of them might already be laying around in your closet or very affordable at your local store.

Take a look at his ideas below and let us know if you have any more to add!

Target employee

All you need is a red shirt and khaki pants to achieve the perfect last-minute look. To top it all off, you can print out a fake name tag and tape it to your shirt.


Ceiling Fan

This one takes a little understanding of wordplay. To complete this costume all you will need is a shirt and a marker. On the blank shirt, you are going to write (Go Ceilings). Get it “CEILING FANS” like Dodger fans!


Brawny Paper Towel Man

Who doesn’t know the importance of a good paper towel? Well now you can walk around as the man of the brand by simply just wearing a red flannel shirt and carrying a bag of the popular paper towels.


Why do I get weird looks at the grocery store? #brawnyman #plaid

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 Sephora Bag

For all those girls out there who love Sephora this one is for you. Or you men out there who want to impress your woman. This costume is effortless. All you will need are black bottoms a striped shirt and to top it all off red tissue paper on your head! And there you have it Sephora!


Last nights costume ❤️

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Peanut Butter and Jelly

This iconic duo has been together for centuries. Aside from. being an easy and delicious snack, this is also an easy and cute couple costume. all it takes it, one person, to wear a brown shirt and the other to wear a  purple shirt. There you have it a nice PB & J. 


A “Big” Kid

It’s time to go back to your childhood days with this costume. It’s simple to grab your favorite pair of pajamas, a stuffed animal, and a blanket and there you have it a “BIG KID.”


We all fell asleep in AP Calc #pajamaday

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Identity theft

This has to be one of the most effortless costumes you will ever find. To be an identity thief, all you will need is a plain shirt with a lot of name tags that say “hello my name is” on them. On those name tags, you put random names, and that’s it you’re officially an identity thief.

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