Snoop Dogg Reacts to Lonzo Balls First NBA Game

Snoop Dogg Reacts to Lonzo Balls First NBA Game

Getty Images: Kevork Djansezian

Last night was the season opening game for the Los Angeles Lakers and all eyes were on Lonzo Ball. Sadly, he did not perform as well as people would have hoped for. He ended the game with only 3 points.

Afterwards, TNT’s Inside the NBA had Kevin Garnett and Snoop Dogg check in and share their thoughts on Lonzo. Both shared similar opinions about Ball’s dad Lavar. “I think his father put him in the lion’s den with some pork chop drawers on.”

The pressure is on for Lonzo and Lavar’s comments about his son definitely added on to it.

Yet Snoop did have advice for the young NBA star on how to deal with the expectations people have for him. “Get use to it, come with your game face on and get ready to play.”

Check out the video below to hear Garnett’s and Snopp’s comments. 

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